1. Participants have to follow the rules of the Spanish Triathlon Federation and they must know the course of each discipline.
  2. Bike, helmet and transition bags have to be checked in prior to the race day to allow time for participants to make modifications, if necessary, to comply with the rules.
  3. Technical control of the race will be under the responsibility of a General referee and other marshalls appointed by the FETRIB (Federación de Triatlón de les Illes Balears). Spanish Triathlon Federation rules will be followed.
  4. Littering is not allowed. Participants throwing away bike bottles, packaging of bars and gels, bike bottles or the like outside of the eco zones will be immediately disqualified.
  5. The medical team is allowed to withdraw any participant if his/her health is in danger.
  6. Drafting off another competitor or motor vehicle is forbidden. The draft zone will be a rectangle 12 meters long by 3 meters wide. Race on the right of the street. Crossing the line and/or riding on the left lane are reasons for disqualification.
  7. Only rigid and approved helmets are allowed. The helmet strap needs to be closed whenever the athlete touches his bike (pushing, riding it).
  8. Protests must be made in written to the Referee, within one hour after the end of the race.
  9. Assistance and escorting are forbidden.
  10. Headphones (mobile phones, MP3 players, headsets etc.) are not allowed.
  11. There must be a minimum of 5 participants per category to be eligible for awards ceremony.

New rules FETRI 2018 

Cambios en el reglamento de competicione[...]
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