• Who can participate in the race?

Federated and non federated atheletes from 18 years old.


  • Who has to pay the 1 day license?

​Participants who are not federated and foreign participants without international license.


  • What does the 1 day license covers?

​Liability and accidents insurance. The organization protocol includes medical and ambulance service.


  • Is it compulsory to attend the race briefing?

​No, but we highlyrecommend you to attend the meeting because  course maps and all releve¡ant information about the race is reviwed together.


  • Who can collect the race number?

Race number pick- up is personal and cannot be delegated to others. It is mandatory to show your ID or passport, and your license in case you are federated.

If you want to collect the race number of another participant or for an entire group , please contact p the organization beforehand (inscripciones@triathlonportocolom.net)


  • Will  there be a wardrobe service during the race day?

​Yes. Close to transition area.


  • Does the organization provide the chip?

There are two options. If you own a Champion Chip please register the code in the corresponding field during your registration process and bring it with you the day of the race. If you don't have a chip, you will have to pay a rental fee of €3 (non-refundable)and you will receive the chip together with the other material when you pick up your race number.


  • ​Is drafting allowed?



  • Will be the roads closed to traffic?

​Yes. Course security is guaranteed by Guardia Civil, Policia Local, Proteccion Civil and organization staff.


  • Will there be a bike doctor service?

Yes. During the race number pick up and on Sunday until the race starts. 


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