111 Distance: 1.000 mtrs. swim, 100 km bike, 10 km run

55.5 Distance: 500 mtrs. swim, 50 km bike, 5 km run


Circuits distances are:

Swimming: 500 mtrs. and 1.000 mtrs.
Cycling: 50 km.
Running: 5 Km.


Participants ofin the distance 111, must complete two laps rounds on each circuit, except the swimming course that is independent which is only one round.






VET3 (from 60 years)

CLUBS (Sum of 3 best times of the members of a federated club)



- Awards will be given to the top 3 athletes in each category and for male and female.

- A minimum of 5 competitors in the same category is required for a category to be included in the awards ceremony. 

- Teams will not receive awards.

- For overall winners is a  prize money  of €4,000 shared among the (masculine and feminine) in both formats (55.5 and 111).


Prize distribution as follows:  


111 distance :

1st 600€

2nd 400€

3rd 250€


55.5 distance:

1st 350€

2nd 250€

3rd 150€


IMPORTANT: Money prize has to be collected at the award ceremony and cannot be claimed afterwards.


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